Jacob, 21: Suffered from Social Anxiety and Depression

Problems That Jacob Brought to Therapy:

Carolyn, Jacob’s mother, referred Jacob to me for counselling because she was worried about him. Jacob was in his 3rd year of university and had a lot of anxiety. He was also depressed. When he wasn’t studying, he spent most of his days in his room playing video games.

Jacob appeared quiet and withdrawn in our first therapy sessions. However, he eventually shared a secret that he had been holding onto for a long time:

Jacob was afraid to talk to people in his classes in fear that they would judge him. He, therefore, avoided all social contact with his peers at university.

He explained how he would freeze when around people. He was unable to speak and felt like he was going to vomit.

The Outcome of Jacob’s Therapy

Over the course of counselling, I helped Jacob become more comfortable being with others in social situations.

Therapy helped improve his feelings of self-worth. In addition, through the use of Reichian Therapy techniques including breathing exercises, body awareness and movement explorations, he was able to bring his social anxiety to more manageable levels.

By the end of our therapy sessions, Jacob had attended several social situations where he initiated conversations with people. He was able to manage his anxiety to such an extent that he enjoyed himself during these occasions.

Counselling also helped Jacob’s depression subside. He was now much more engaged in his life.

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