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Rechian Therapy for Anxiety & Depression

The Root Cause of Anxiety and Depression

Most of our deepest wounds happen in our relationships with others.

The good news is: healing also often happens within our relationships.

Although therapists have known how psychological wounds occur for a long time, the field of neuroscience now confirms this understanding. This new ‘brain science’ shows how wounds that occurred during childhood wire our brains and how therapy can help heal or “re-wire” them.

Unfortunately, even when one has had loving parents, childhood can leave wounds that can cause problems in later life.

Behaviors, emotions and thoughts that are the result of difficult early experiences serve to protect us when we are children. However, in later life these ways of coping often work against us.

To heal anxiety and depression, often we need to heal our early experiences. Once these wounds are healed, most anxiety and depression symptoms are resolved.

This doesn’t necessarily mean we have to re-hash the past or even talk much about it.

It just means that the work you do with me in therapy aims to heal the root cause of your problems. This way we can work towards lasting change, instead of simply managing your symptoms.

Anxiety and Depression are Often the Result of How We Learned to ‘Block’ Our Emotions Early in Life as a Method of Coping

In counselling, we will work to help you connect with the emotions and experiences underlying anxiety and depression. We can work with how you hold these emotions in your body and help you to become more relaxed and freer to express your true self.