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How Reichian Therapy Helps You Heal

Reichian therapy is a profound healing modality that helps you heal from depression, anxiety, and relationship problems. It is a body-mind approach that includes working with your body, thoughts, feelings and actions.

Working with your body and emotions can enhance the gains you make in therapy. Sometimes you can understand your situation and know what you want to change, but still get stuck and have difficulty making the changes.

This can happen because patterns of feeling, thinking and acting are “held” within your body. When we work with your body, breath and emotions in therapy, it allows us to get at the experience underlying your anxiety and depression, and brings you deeper relief.

Overall, Reichian therapy teaches you how to regulate your nervous system so that you feel better.

My therapy approach is customized to your unique needs and goals.

There are a variety of ways I may work with you within the Reichian framework. It depends on who you are and how you are struggling right now. Sometimes we may simply talk. At other times, we may work more with body sensations and breathing.

Other Therapies I May Use

There are several other therapies I may use in our counselling work together.

These types of therapy include: Bioenergetic therapy, Interpersonal, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Relational Somatic Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, or The Gottman Method of Couples therapy (when working with couples or addressing relationship issues).

You don’t have to know what all these methods are. You should just know that they have all been shown to be highly effective treatments for anxiety and depression.