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To set up an appointment or to book a free 20 minute consultation to determine if this counselling approach is a fit for you, contact Danielle by:

  • By phone at 778-926-1325 (confidential voice mail)
  • By email at
  • Or through the contact form below.

I am currently working by phone or online only.

Fee: $140/Hr (includes gst)

If you are looking for a male therapist who uses a similar approach to therapy, you may be interested in visiting Grant McMahon’s website:

Education & Training

  • Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology – Argosy University, Seattle. 
  • Registered Clinical Counsellor – BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC).
  • Contemporary Reichian Therapy, Daniel Schiff, Ph.D., & Mitchell Singer, M.A., LMHC, Seattle, WA & Portland, OR.
  • Gottman Method of Couples Therapy.
  • Other trainings include parenting, attachment issues, somatic psychotherapy and gestalt therapy.  

Why Choose Me as Your Therapist

about-danielle-bowersock-portraitI will be present with you on a deep level.

My goal as a therapist is for you to feel heard and understood. This allows you to go deeper into your emotions and helps you to heal your problems on a deeper level.

I will accept you as you are.

Your experiences and feelings will be validated. They will be considered important regardless of what they are.

I’m patient and compassionate.

I care deeply about helping you meet your goals and will pace our therapy work together to suit your needs.

I bring insight into our work together.

I can see the deepest layers of who you are and help you manifest more of your true self. As one of my therapy clients said, “With you I am becoming the person I want to be.”

I can be gentle and directive.

I provide carefully timed helpful feedback and insights to help you grow.

I will guide you, support you, and hold the faith when you might not have any.

Ultimately you have to do the work to heal. However, I will be there each step of the way to help improve your life as quickly as is possible.

I use the profound modality of Therapy called Reichian therapy.

Reichian therapy is one of the first types of therapy that incorporated the role the body plays in psychological and emotional problems, as well as its role in healing.

The field of neuroscience now shows us how pain and suffering are rooted in our entire bodies, not just in our mind and feelings.

I have studied a variety of therapies and self-growth models.

My depth of experience and explorations underpin my work with you. I have many counselling methods and tools I can use to help you.

I offer Skype therapy sessions if you have to be away, or live outside of Vancouver.

Skype sessions are convenient and just as effective as in-person sessions. They can help you save time travelling to come to see me.